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Hydro-demolition is a concrete removal technique which utilises high pressure water to remove deteriorated or sound concrete. Chemcem use this technique to repair and maintain structures together with high pressure water equipment for the removal of old waterproofing systems. Chemcem has a team of trained hydro-demolition operatives approved by The WJA providing specialist services in:

  • Manual hand lance hydro-demolition
  • Semi-automatic mini digger mounted hydro-cannons
  • Fully robotic systems

Our range of specialist hydro-demolition techniques significantly increases the rate of concrete removal within a safer working environment. This process eliminates the risk of micro-cracking in the concrete, maintains the integrity of reinforcement and avoids any hand vibration issues normally experienced with hand held pneumatic equipment. This process can be further supported with Chemcem’s own Siltbusters and PH Adjusters for treatment of waste water.



Chemcem is USL’s approved applicators in Scotland of their HAPAS approved Britdex Bridge Deck Waterproofing Systems. Our team also provide a variety of waterproofing and anti-skid coatings for walkway surfaces.

Cathodic protection

Chemcem_Cathodic Protection_new

Chemcem provide cathodic protection through embedded galvanic anodes for concrete structures. Methods employed include for both tied installation to rebar within localised patch repairs and cored installation complete with continuity wire connection.

Concrete surface impregnation

Chemcem_Silane Application

Chemcem use an environmentally friendly, ready-to-use, water-based alkylalkoxysilane with a 40% active ingredient.

It has been formulated to penetrate dense concrete surfaces and chemically react within the pores of cementitious materials to form a long lasting, high performing water repellent surface.

This application conforms to The Highways Agency Design Manual for Roads and Bridges BD43/03 Appendix 2.

Concrete repairs

Chemcem_Concret Repairs

Chemcem undertake all types of concrete repair work. Our specialist team provide:


  • Initial dilapidation surveys
  • Concrete removal using hydro-demolition techniques
  • Concrete removal using hand held tools
  • Repair using proprietary high strength mortars and spray applied concrete
  • Installation of cathodic protection measures

Asphaltic plug joints

Chemcem_Asphaltic Plug Joints

Chemcem’s team is fully trained in the installation and repair of asphaltic plug joints for use on highway structures. We use a HAPAS approved FEBA joint system which is registered with Transport Scotland for use on all classes of roads and motorways. Chemcem has worked on some of Scotland’s busiest road networks to carry out repairs for local authorities, Transport Scotland and major network operators.

Painting works


Chemcem is an ICATS approved applicator of industrial coatings, a scheme mandated by The Highways Agency and Network Rail for all contractors carrying out paint works. We work with a number of local authorities to carry out paint removal, together with both spray and hand applied painting, to a variety of structures including bridge parapets, handrails and underpasses. We also supply graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coating services.

Masonry repairs

Chemcem_Masonry Repairs_new

Chemcem employ a team of experienced stonemasons to carry out a variety of masonry repair works for local authorities. We specialise in traditional masonry arch structures using new and reclaimed stone in both lime or cement based mortars.

Sprayed concrete

Chemcem_Sprayed Concrete

Chemcem employ both wet and dry techniques for use in embankment stabilisation and large volume structural repair.

Chemcem also provide the following services:

  • Grit blasting
  • Grouting
  • Pressure pointing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Concrete repairs
  • Road marks removal
  • Crack injection
  • Joint sealing

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